In the magnificent village of Oia, one of the most important settlements of Santorini, which stands out for its breathtaking sunsets and cave dwellings, the Anemomilos Hotel welcomes you to its stylish facilities overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Anemomilos Hotel is located within a walking distance of the center of Oia and is an excellent but also advantageous choice of accommodation. It offers to its visitors the choices of spacious and well-equipped rooms, studios and private villas for relaxation. All are decorated and furnished in a modern style. Its unique position facilitates guests’ transportation and day-to-day excursions throughout the island of Santorini. The high level of facilities in Anemomilos with the variety of its organized services provides a perfect and authentic greek hospitality. The restaurant, the swimming pool and its communal areas combined with the friendly staff and the hotel management ensures a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Welcome to Oia and Anemomilos Hotel!

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